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LCPS -- LabN Control Plane Subsystem

LCPS is the LabN Control Plane Subsystem. It is software that provides a full featured control plane for transport networks. It is deployed in transport networks today and delivers the most advanced optical control plane available. It is modular, scalable, and extensible software for service delivery management. It includes all functions necessary to access, provision, monitor and control services within transport network equipment. It provides advanced end-to-end connection management features via the GMPLS protocol suite.

LCPS automates several key tasks associated with transport service management, and enables these functions to be embedded in the network itself. With LCPS, service provisioning is performed automatically and in real-time based on simple set of service provisioning parameters. LCPS includes a rich set of transport features and applications, notably:

  • Discovery and inventory
  • Automated provisioning and path selection
  • Transport centric topologies: Rings, Linear, Mesh, Cross-ring, Hybrid
  • Protection and restoration
  • Fault tolerance
  • CLI, TL1 and SNMP based management

    LCPS High Level Architecture LCPS was architected and developed with extendibility in mind, and was built in a platform-independent fashion. To enable LCPS platform independence, Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are used to interact with the operating system, system software and hardware. This ensures a high degree of portability by isolating the bulk of the code from the operating environment. Hardware is managed in a largely abstract fashion, allowing development to be done within a pure simulation environment. This abstraction from hardware also simplifies supporting new platforms, new components or new switching types.

    LCPS Simulator LCPS has been developed within a GUI based simulation tool. The LCPS Simulator simulates a network and emulates network equipment. It is built using the full LCPS software. LCPS is suitable for use in:

  • Embedded in transport nodes (NEs)
  • Standalone controllers
  • Provider lab
  • Protocol development lab
  • Test equipment

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