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10.15 How to set up a 6-Bone connection

     zebra configuration
     ! Actually there is no need to configure zebra
     bgpd configuration
     ! This means that routes go through zebra and into the kernel.
     router zebra
     ! MP-BGP configuration
     router bgp 7675
      bgp router-id
      neighbor 3ffe:1cfa:0:2:2a0:c9ff:fe9e:f56 remote-as as-number
      address-family ipv6
      network 3ffe:506::/32
      neighbor 3ffe:1cfa:0:2:2a0:c9ff:fe9e:f56 activate
      neighbor 3ffe:1cfa:0:2:2a0:c9ff:fe9e:f56 route-map set-nexthop out
      neighbor 3ffe:1cfa:0:2:2c0:4fff:fe68:a231 remote-as as-number
      neighbor 3ffe:1cfa:0:2:2c0:4fff:fe68:a231 route-map set-nexthop out
     ipv6 access-list all permit any
     ! Set output nexthop address.
     route-map set-nexthop permit 10
      match ipv6 address all
      set ipv6 nexthop global 3ffe:1cfa:0:2:2c0:4fff:fe68:a225
      set ipv6 nexthop local fe80::2c0:4fff:fe68:a225
     ! logfile FILENAME is obsolete.  Please use log file FILENAME
     log file bgpd.log