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Since 1999, LabN has been helping our clients achieve strategic their business objectives by leveraging leading edge technology. LabN consults with network equipment manufacturers, service providers and the US Government. LabN guides its customers' technology and product strategies, their research programs, their hardware and software architectures, their standards awareness and efforts, and helps translate these into deliverable products through contract development and joint software development. Quagga/FRRouting Virtual Network Control (VNC) is an opensource example of LabN developed software.

LabN has industry leading expertise in the areas of IP control plane, routing, signaling, L2 and L3VPN overlay control, MPLS and GMPLS. LabN provides full, and partial, life-cycle development related services for network equipment vendor and enterprise-customized control-plane solutions. Services include corporate product strategy development, competitive market identification, roadmap and feature set definition, creation of development plans and schedules, system hardware and software architectures, software designs, and associated software development resources. LabN also conducts seminars and training on current and emerging standards. Topics have included MPLS, GMPLS, MPLS-TP, ASON, RSVP-TE, IPsec, Overlay network controllers, Multi-Level networks and SDNs.

LabN has played an active role in the IETF standards process throughout the company's history. Current standards activities include chairing the IETF NetMod, DetNet, and TEAS Working Groups, and being actively engaged in YANG, GMPLS, MPLS-TP, OTN, WSON control plane standardization. The company helped pioneer the RSVP-TE and GMPLS control plane technologies, both in implementation and as Standards. Standardization related services continue to be provided to meet our customer's need for new services, new features in existing standards, and to meet our customer's strategic objectives.

LabN also develops and licenses LCPS software, a full featured GMPLS based control plane for transport networks. LCPS is deployed in optical transport networks today.